September, 2000

God will manifest his Magnificence, Brilliancy and Splendor. BARUC 5, 1- 9


LUCIA, one of the three children that spoke to the Virgin Mary at Fátima, Portugal in 1917, now living in a Carmelite Convent with the Dorotea sisters at Coimbra, Portugal also claims that the people of Israel remains the chosen people of God. (Fátima is a name of Islamic origin).

God has spoken many times against those who turn against the Holy Land . The Church founded by Jesus also teaches that it is through the Hebrews that God brought the Truth and the Salvation of the world.

Probably it is a great mistake to give away the land of Bethlehem to the Mohammedans; and a greater mistake is to give away the Golan Heights . To award additional land or fraction of land from Jerusalem is suicidal. The duty of Israel is to SHARE the land with all Palestinians under the State of Israel. The Arab World possesses an incredible amount of land. Israel is an extremely small country and belongs to whom the Lord gave it to according to the Prophets and historical records.

The Holy Land spiritually and theologically belongs to everybody, but as a State and as a political structure, belongs to the Hebrew Nation and all its inhabitants.

As a Theocracy, Israel is impeded to confer Jerusalem . The Israelites were forced out from their homeland and scattered throughout the four (4) corners of the earth many times before because of constant invasions, but they have always returned to and remained in their homeland Israel .

The Islamic invasion of Jerusalem and Israel at large is not different from all the anteceding ones. As refugees from Jordan and other countries, is the duty of the Arab World Leaders to welcome and provide land for them to create their own country to protect each other's sovereignty. The fact that in 1969 a group of refugees improvised tents in Israelis territory does not mean that Israel is now forced to give that land for the refugees to create their own Nation, especially when they demand it through terrorist attacks, and to fill the cup, they also want Jerusalem .

The Leaders of the world should read the Bible regularly to get acquainted with the truth so The United Nations understand why we must respect the inalienable rights of the Israelites to preserve their Nation.

It has been suggested that international forces should control the Holy City of Jerusalem to dissolve the present state of violence. It might work temporarily.

Should Israel bestow the total right to administrate the City of Jerusalem to international forces, eventually and gradually it will become the parturition of resentment instead of the celebration of the Epiphany; fruiting and unleashing stronger violence with an abortive implosion effect to the actual Theocracy system of government thus dissociating it from its reason to exist; when according to the prophesies the Messiah will descend into Jerusalem anytime.

The prohibition of the celebration of the Nativity 2000 in Bethlehem by the Islamic leaders is just the beginning of the labor pain and another assault to Christianity and Judaism as well.

The non-Catholic Palestinians does not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. Why should they hold hostage the land of Bethlehem where Jesus was born, when HE was a Hebrew and an Israelite? Mohammed claimed having learned everything about God from Moses and Jesus. Also stated to believe in the Virgin Mary as acknowledged by the first Jewish Disciples of Christ.

The Moslems are gentiles like the rest of the world. The Arabs common origin with the Israelites because Abraham fathered Ishmael from his slave Hagar did not entitle the land of Canaan to the Moslems according to the prophets and the Palestinian history.

God instructed Abraham and promised the land to the Israelites and its descendants as one Nation. Is very important to understand that Israel as a Nation is considered the Bride Of God because it is the instrument of the deliverance of the Godchild and humanity. The Holy Spirit welcomes the gentiles as part of the House Of God, but does not demand from the Israelites to give up the right to their Nation but to share it.

Abraham bought the land where he buried his wife Sarah for 30 pieces of gold coins . He insisted in the purchasing of that portion of land even when it was given to him without charge. That area, known as Hebron , (primitive name Quiryat Arbá) is now occupied by the Arab Moslems. That very same mountain was later on promised to Caleb by Moses and given to him by Joshua. The Lord had manifested to Moses that Hebron was to be Caleb's property and his descendants forever.

"TAKE ONLY WHAT IS GIVEN" is one of the most important principles of the Islam according to the written word of Mohammed in the Cur´ an (Koran)

The Moslems aim to acquire land as their most important goal at all costs, instead of abiding by the real teachings of Mohammed.

To invade through Northern Africa the peninsula of Spain in the 1400, and slaughter Christians for 700 years, to actually annihilate over two million Christians in SUDAN has been the stay of the arts of the Islamism to this day. NOT ONE NATION is doing anything to stop the genocide and extermination of Christians of Sudan. Needless to mention the slaughter in YUGOSLAVIA , Bosnia , Chechnya , India , Pakistan (Cache Mira) and Somalia while in North America Farrakhan misleads a Black Militant Movement march into Washington D.C. with the patronage of Islamic funds.
For each christian you kill, the nearer you are to the ONE above. This is the motto that inspired the Mores (Moslems) in the Philippines during the turn of the 20th Century.

Why The United Nations desires to award more land from Israel to the very people that in the name of Allah perpetuate these crimes against humanity? Why is U.S.A. granting millons of dollars to this movement when their leaders are proven terrorists?

Why not giving those millons of dollars to the Archipelago of Puerto Rico to clean the environmental disaster, of 60 years of chemical and radioactive contamination of the island of Vieques , Puerto Rico and the Archipelago at large due to the military activities.

We mutually and vehemently defend the North American flag, the principles of human rights and democracy since 1898 (102 years) through all the U.S.A. XX Century Wars and conflicts with our flag; with one third (1/3) of our land for the most important U.S.A. military bases, the Arecibo Radiotelescopio and NASA installations with highly educated personnel, scientists and thousands of young soldiers and heroes. Puerto Rico has contributed with the most strategic place for the training of all the armed d forces facilitating, integrated land, air and sea military maneuvers necessary and essential for the national defense of the United States of America with proceeds amounting to approximately eighty million (80) dollars per year from the rental of the military bases to the allied forces.

The ARECIBO, Puerto Rico Radio Telescope also generates millions of dollars from telecommunication revenues and scientific projects. P.R.-U.S.A. countries mutually and equally produce both systems with great accomplishments and huge incomes.

Furthermore, there are many other revenues for the U.S.A. from costumes, income tax from American Corporations, factories, International Corporations, trading, many industries, local government incentives and subsidiary for U.S. and international industries besides the honor of being the number one consumer and importer of North American products. (We pay costume Federal taxes for every product bought from U.S. & any other country through U.S. ).

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a scientific, educational, medical, anthropological, political and armed forces laboratory that have made a transcendental contribution to the Americas in the Arts, Sciences, Economy and Defense. We have been the opened door and Display of achievements to the Americas .


Needless to say that by the D-Day, in 1945, including all previous wars, eight thousand Puertorrican soldiers had laid their bodies on the Second World War.

A daily invasion of illegal Aliens, mostly illiterates, contaminated with "endemic maladies", and drug traffickers enter Puerto Rico through the costs line. Thousands fly into U.S. territory with false Puerto Rican-U.S.A citizenship papers. The Immigration Department is insufficient to cope with the problem, causing an exodus of educated Puertorricans from Puerto Rico into U.S.A. and other countries.

Isn't it about time to turn the wheel to the right direction and deviated those millions to Puerto Rico instead of Arafat?

Isn't it time to change the U.S.A. Constitution and allow all U.S.A. citizens to vote for the presidential suffrage regardless where they are located, and include the Puerto Rican U.S.A. citizens for almost a hundred 102 years as voters in the general election of the Nation?

By December 12th, 1990 I officially re-opened the SAF Gallery in Soho , New York .

In l981 the Virgin Mary had announced the war in Yugoslavia through 5 Seers; 5 Croatian students from the Village of Medjugorie when it was a communist country, when no one suspected there was a war in a state of gestation.

In 1990 the SohoArt Festival in the Soho community of New York City, moved the SOHO ART FEST GALLERY to 101 Thomson St. (1990-1992) in celebration of the Quincentennial Jubilee of the Discovery of America (1492-1500) by the Italian explorer Cristoforo Colombo.
Colombo, who carried across the sea the message of God to America guided by the Virgin Mary; according to his writings, was now exposed at the SAF Gallery and ex-Headquarters of the first Italian colony in New York City . (New York Journal, Dec. 10, 1990 Good Bye Good Fellas)

The Medjugorie’s messages were connected to previous messages from 1917 Fátima's apparitions where God warned humanity about the Russia's atheist communist political philosophy that has brought so much misery to the world, about the famous 3rd. secret now known as the attempt to assassinate the Holly Father by the Turk Agca occurred in l981, and her return and apparitions in Medjugorie, Yugoslavia to complete what she begun in Fátima. Each time, people believed neither warnings nor the possibility of such wars.

The comunist and the Islamic World exterminating Christians in Yugoslavia aimed to attain land and power was politically confused with an ethnic war. Today, pseudo Islamic bigots distort the teachings of the Cur’ an (Koran), terrorize U.S.A. military ships in Yemen , Embassies and property determined to annihilate the State of Israel and persecute Christianity. Their religion gone afar from Mohammed's truth and goal misleads the people, use children as human shields and bring global suffering and chaos. His Holly war was justified when he went to the desert to transform polytheist false Gods idolaters, into a monotheist God-fearing Arab Nation, and because they sought his death during the process. Mohammed's writings states that he acquired his knowledge of God from Moses and Jesus. That he accepted the Virgin Mary as proclaimed by the early Hebrew disciples of Jesus. Inspired and moved by this knowledge, he proclaimed himself a prophet of God and entered the desert to teach his people the Truth he learned from the Jewish people they now massacre.


The Moslems should restitute the land to Israel and leave the Israelites and the world in peace for once and forever or stay in Israel in peace under its wings. All Israelite surrounding neighbors throughout the last 4,000 years have always invaded Israel . If anyone loves Jerusalem , stay in peace, or hit the road.

Israel is the living scientific proof of God, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary's existence by its history, theology, anthropology, archeological data and sacred objects under uninterrupted scientific analysis that have never proved otherwise.


Today, in celebration of The Light, The Soho Art Festival Journal once again recalls those important messages of peace and hope from God given to us through the Virgin Mary:

"I have come to tell you God exists".


Datil 2000