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Long before Bob Bolle's departure, he endorsed to me the task of defending his artwork at Broome /Watt/ Thompson Streets and the West Broadway Avenue Steel Sculptures Park.

That "dream park" has a certified New York City Permit for a Permanent Sculpture Exhibit Park where all the Soho Natives, motorcyclists, guests and passers by enjoyed for so many years, since the creation of SOHO, suddenly vanished and a huge bulldozer dug and pulled and reaped savagely the testimony of our artists, our soul and spirit.

The hand that maneuvers and designed the scene of the crime is hidden but we know who did it.

We created Soho. We turned abandoned buildings into valuable beautiful properties.

Latecomers enjoyed our craftsmanship and artistry, paid for it, but do not have the right to destroy what is a patrimony, the legacy of history, creation and art.

We want those who care to Take Notice of this desecration and help the Soho artistic community to restore the park to its original State of Glory.

Those who care, please, come forward and let us know how you can be part of the creation, preservation and restoration of Soho, New York.

Leonor Datil
July 2001